"Automatic Copywriting Clients: How to Make $10,000 In The Next 90 Days--Even With ZERO Experience"
Jay White
Million-Dollar Copywriting Coach and Founder of
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Mark Schmedthorst

"I can't say enough about how much you've helped me. I was struggling to find good clients and get consistent work, but now I have 3 that are basically on retainer and need new copy every month, as well as a few others that pay quite well. Your guidance and advice has been extremely helpful for me to get work from firms I believe in and love to work with."

Ron Warne

"Wow, weren't kidding about how fast your method can generate results. I got an incredible 85% open rate and I'm already talking to 6 of those companies about possible workThat's an amazing 1 out of every 4 prospects interested in my copywriting--and these were businesses that had no idea who I was before sending your "magic email". 

Steffi Claden

Just got offered a contract to write for the Olympic Channel!I've been skating since I was 4 and it's a subject I know well.
Got this gig 100% because of Jay White. This is my DREAM JOB! I can't believe I get paid to write about Olympic sports. 1000 thanks Jay!!!"

Adam Kosloff

"Just wanted to let you know that your ninja cold email method is working wonders over here. We sent out 20 personalized cold emails and got 5 responses, 3 of whom have turned into paying clients. Woooot! Thank you again for your insight."

Patrick Hart

"Holy sh*t!  Are you kidding me?! 
Jay, you are the bomb dot com.First day of sending out emails I already have two interested prospects. For crying out loud, I'm still researching for the first prospect."

Robyn Travis

"My first emails went out today. Got 2 hits out of 3 responses. Thanks Jay and your team. Whatever happens, I'm a believer!"

Evan Jones

"WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! I have a client!!!! Thank you for all your support thus far! For the first time in ages, I feel focused, productive, and deliberate about my freelance career. I'm realizing how stuck I've been and for how long!"

Cynthia Fromm

"Man, I never doubted your method. But the proof is in the proverbial "response pudding". I have a fellow asking for samples, references, and a price list. Another needs a proposal to present to her board. Crazy good!"

Kris Kitelinger

"I actually owe my writing career to you. After struggling for a year to land a paying gig, I landed my first paid client after implementing the 'fishing pole' strategy."

Alice Watts

"Heard from a client yesterday--I actually received a real live agreement! Thanks for helping me be patient, Jay. I'm on cloud nine. Yay!"
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